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Welcome to the e-shop of dancesport clothing, footwear and accessories for ladies

Dancing has existed in all times and in all cultures. It is one of the oldest forms used to express the emotions by the people. Feeling, motion and beauty – these represent a harmonious whole in dancesport, sought by every lady dancer.

Suitable clothing of dancesport first of all obligates and allows better understanding of the subtlety of dance motions as well as the aesthetics of the dance itself.  

Our purpose is to enable lady dancers to make their dreams come true, to choose the dancesport clothes, footwear and accessories corresponding to their needs and likes, and each buyer will, therefore, surely feel special.  

Dancing Queen Studio is a brand that achieved excellent results in a short period of time. Step by step we have been expanding our production volumes and cooperation with the manufacturers of clothing, footwear and accessories for dancesport. This allows us to build our network of customers in England as well as all over Europe.

It is also noteworthy that we accept individual sewing orders.

Each customer is shown special attention; therefore please contact us by email at in case of any questions.